PDFjet for .NET is a royalty-free PDF library. Here are some of its features:

Drawing support for:


Embedding of the following types of images:

High level components:

Please note:

PDFjet for .NET requires .NET Framework Version 2.0 Software Development Kit or higher.

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What our clients are saying:

"I find PDFjet simpler to use than a lot of other components that are available. The fact that PDFjet allows writing PDFs to a stream (some others don't) is a bonus. PDFjet is easy to use and it is inexpensive. Best of all support is fantastic."

Simon Nitz

Senior Technical Consultant

"I tried to use three other open source PDF libraries, but their source code is not well documented and so "object-oriented" it's proven nearly impossible to read and modify. In contrast I found the PDFjet source code very simple, clean, logical and easy to understand. The fact that it came with very liberal open source license is a huge bonus. The commercial version is very reasonably priced and there are NO ROYALTIES. I wish I had discovered this excellent product earlier."

Gary D. Amundson

Android Developer